Virtual Cemeteries - KIA & Deceased
Last Updated on: Wednesday, January 04, 2023 03:09:03 PM

     We honor and remember our classmates for their service and sacrifice. They served our Nation, her citizens, the Army and most importantly their fellow soldiers with honor and dignity. Rest in peace.

    The OCS at Fort Knox team (Project) used Find-A-Grave to locate our KIA and other deceased graduates' burial locations (interment or non-cemetery burial). When a Find-A-Grave memorial for a KIA did not exist, then we created one. Find-A-Grave's mission is to record and display final resting places as a virtual cemetery experience. Find-A-Grave is a subsidiary of  Find-A-Grave is currently a free resource. You do not have to be a registered user to utilize the Find-A-Grave web site.

     As a Find-A-Grave contributors, we built Virtual Cemeteries to group listings for the KIA & deceased graduate burial locations in the Find A Grave database.

Our OCS Graduates who were Casualties:  Visit the OCS Virtual Cemetery of Casualties created by Hugh Preacher.  112 of our classmates and 6 cadre were casualties in Vietnam. One classmate was a casualty in the 1983 Beirut bombing.

Graduates Deployed to Fiddler's Green:  Visit the OCS Fiddler's Green Virtual Cemetery created  by Hugh Preacher. We have located the burial location of over 740 of our graduates who since OCS have passed to Fiddler's Green.

How you can help:  Send any information about deaths and/or burial locations to either John Moore or Hugh Preacher. We have not located the final location/disposition of the following 2 Vietnam casualties:
  • CPT James Hall Spann (16 Nov 1971) Class 5-67  F1
     We have not located a marker in the cemetery for this casualty
  • 2LT John W. Vaughan (17 Jun 67) Class 26-66 D1 - Calvary Cemetery, Toledo, Ohio.

     Keep your contact information current. OCS graduates update your contact information with Doug Burmester.

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