"When a Nation Called a Third Time -
Army Officer Candidate School at Fort Knox, KY: the Vietnam Era"
Last Updated on: Saturday, August 29, 2020 06:18:03 PM

***Note: Out of print, only a limited number of copies are available***

      The 3rd Printing of the book: "When a Nation Called a Third Time - Army Officer Candidate School at Fort Knox, KY: the Vietnam Era," about OCS at Fort Knox is now available. The five graduates involved in this effort, Doug Burmester, Class 1-68, E1; Dan Leifel, Class 23-67, C1; John Moore, Class 25-67, D2; Hugh Preacher, Class 27-67, G2; and Charlie Titus, Class 13-67, G2 are please to announce that StarNet Digital Publishing of Bloomington, IL has printed the book.

     The soft cover book is 8 1/2 x 11 in page size and consists of 314 pages. Forewords were written by two former OCS company commanders. There are twelve pages containing forty-six photos with ten pages in color; ten chapters of narrative; and eleven appendices that contain a roll of honor, names of the graduates who were recipients of the Medal of Honor, memorials in tribute to some of those on the roll of honor, the names of the graduates who attained general officer rank, class statistics, summaries of the thirteen week and 23 week programs of instruction at the Armor School, an AOAC course paper written by another company commander, a newspaper article written by a graduate when OCS ended in February 1968, class rosters, listings of company officer cadre and class honor graduates and military stakes winners, some of the names of the brigade officer staff, and a master name index.

     Download change sheets/updates to the OCS Book: Confirm which printing you have by checking the Colophon in your copy. Updated changes and Appendices replace previous updates.  Thanks to Elda and Charlie Titus for updating the Appendices.  For questions on the changes email Hugh Preacher.       OCS Book Ordering Information: There are only a limited number of copies of the book available from the final printing. The book is $44 including shipping. For instructions on ordering the book contact Dan Leifel by email.  Proceeds from the book will be donated to Armor/Cavalry Foundation at Fort Benning.  So far $3693.35 will be provided to the Armor/Cavalry Foundation.

     Complementry Copies: Copies were provide to the following organizations.
  • Armor School, Donovan Research Library, Fort Benning, GA
  • US Army Command and General Staff College, Combined Arms Research Library, Ft. Leavenworth, KS
  • Congressional Medal of Honor Society,  Mt. Pleasant, SC - Donated in the names of Harold A. Fritz of Class 10-67, Company A1; Robert L. Poxon, Class 28-67, Company F1; and James M. Sprayberry, Class 2-67, Company B1 the three Medal of Honor Recipients who were graduates of OCS at Fort Knox.
  • Barr Memorial Library, Fort Knox, KY
  • Hardin County Public Library, Elizabethtown and Radcliff, KY
  • National Armor and Cavalry Heritage Foundation, Columbus, GA 
  • Army Historical Foundation, National Museum of the United States Army, Arlington, VA
  • The U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center, Carlisle, PA
  • Office of the Chief of Armor, Ft. Benning, GA
  • Dr. Robert S. Cameron, Armor Branch Historian
  • United States Army Officer Candidate School Alumni Association, Fort Benning, GA
  • Officer Candidate School Battalion, Fort Benning, GA

     Keep your contact information current. OCS graduates update your contact information with Doug Burmester.

"Forge the Thunderbolt"