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About the Officer Candidate School at Fort Knox Web Site

OCS Formation

     Our purpose is to serve as a source for detailed information about the United States Army Officer Candidate School (OCS) at Fort Knox, Kentucky from September 1965 through February 1968 during the Vietnam War.  Prior to 2013, there was no individual source for the written history of OCS at Fort Knox or for a compiled listing of the names of those who completed officer candidate training at Fort Knox.  In 2013 a core group of five graduates published the book, When the Nation Called a Third Time:  Army Officer Candidate School at Fort Knox, Kentucky: The Vietnam Era, that corrected this historical oversight as part of the OCS at Fort Knox Project that was started in 1997.  Much of the information presented here and more is in the book that is available for purchase by going to “OCS Book Information”.

     This web site is also part of that project, and we welcome all former OC’s who completed their OCS training at Fort Knox, their family members, our company officer cadre, brigade staff, Armor School faculty and those interested in what the 4,321 men, all volunteers, in fifty-three classes endured at Fort Knox in order to become commissioned Second Lieutenants in the U. S. Army during the Vietnam War.  As new information is discovered about OCS at Fort Knox we will expand this web site.

     Because of the success of the first OCS at Fort Knox All Class Reunion that was held in October 2014 in Louisville, Kentucky another reunion is being planned for a yet to be determined location and date in 2016.  We need your help! Of the fifty-three classes only eight classes do not have an individual who is the Point of Contact for their class.  Those classes are 19-66, 20-66, 21-66, 26-66, 11-67, 15-67, 20-67 and 26-67.  If you were a member of one of these classes and are willing to be the Class POC, or if you don’t know who your Class POC is contact Doug Burmester.  Thirty-one of the fifty-three classes have individuals who are Class Locators.  If you are willing to make phone calls and send letters in an effort to locate those in your class also contact Doug for more information.  Currently we have located approximately 1200 graduates and company officer cadre and with the 2016 reunion not far off, now is the time to make a big push to locate more of the graduates and company officer cadre.

     Keep your gig line straight!

     Keep your contact information current. OCS graduates update your contact information with Doug Burmester.

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